January 22, 2015

Simple summer days

Thinking back to my own childhood, it's the simple things that made summer holidays the most memorable.  We didn't do fancy overseas holidays or extravagant entertainment but we had the most amazing fun. (sponsored content)

We spent hours swimming at the Coburg Baths, drying ourselves off on the hot concrete between dips. We created fast moving whirlpools in the next door neighbours big, old, circular above ground pool. And on the warmest of nights we slept out in the backyard in a little tent, the air thick with mozzie repellent and the noise of cicadas. Hours and hours were spent in the backyard puddling around and I don't ever remember being bored. Those were the days!

We have kept it simple for summer this year at our place. And for the most part, the boys have loved their holidays at home. 

We have done lots of laughing and lazing around.

There have been homemade icy poles.

A trip to the movies. 

Fish and chips eaten on the back deck.
We even shelled some peas (their favourite, to go with the meal).

Loads of lego on the really hot days

Time in the garden tending our gigantic tomato plants. We made some delicious jam too.

And the most favourite, the new sprinkler and slip'n slide combo we bought. 

It's been uncomplicated and inexpensive. The boys are happy and content and as their mum I am reminded that the simple things in life and the backyard are often all we need. 

This post has been supported by Bloom, a new residential community over the other side of Melbourne where backyards are all the rage too. You can check them out on the book of face here

April 7, 2014

14/52 - my family and me

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