May 25, 2012

Big4 Bellarine - the real deal

I haven't done much work with brands.
I have kind of tinkered around the edges.
And mainly I have told myself it is because I just don't have time.
Sure there is a part of me that likes a little bit of free product here and there. But when it gets down to it, I think the real reason is that a lot of the time I find all the marketing mumbo jumbo a bit uncomfortable and disconcerting, especially if I feel like me (or my readers) are having some sales pitch rammed somewhere it doesn't need to be.

But every now and then, something comes along and you know it's the real deal. No bull. No ramming anything anywhere. Just the real deal.

Last weekend I had the great fortune of being one of 40 mums invited to a sleepover event at Big4 Bellarine Holiday Park just a little way from Geelong. Lots of others have written posts about what happened on the weekend so if you want to read about that go here and here. Suffice to say we were well fed, watered and pampered. It was a lovely break.

I was particularly impressed by the way Sophie, one of the co-owners of the park, told us the story of how their wonderful park came into being. She told the story with thought, honesty, grace and the fabulous sense of humour of someone who has put it all on the line to get a business going and is giving it a real crack. Hearing the story was one of my favourite parts of the whole weekend. I really truly love it when people's authenticity shines through and with Sophie it shone brightly.

I have booked a little winter break for later in the year at Big4 Bellarine. I am really excited about showing the Captain, the Batsman and the Bowler around all the fun facilities they have. I have had a good chat with Sophie about autism and how that affects our family and how it can make holidays a bit tricky. She really listened.

I already knew Big4 Bellarine was the real deal after my weekend experience but you know when I really knew?

I knew when a little package arrived this week. It was personally addressed to the Batsman....a social story to help him understand where he is going on our winter break and what it will be like. It's this kind of stuff that makes the big difference. The Batsman loved it. You should have seen his face.

Yep. The real deal.

Final words: I had a great time at Big4 Bellarine. I was not paid or asked to write this post. I just wanted to share something real. Really. xx


  1. Oh Suz - firstly thanks for the link up - and secondly, we got that book too! It's fabulous isn't it! Poss is already counting the sleeps till we go xx

  2. Well, if I didn't think Sophie was fabulous enough already - that just tips me over the edge in to fan girl.

  3. Some people are just givers.... that Sophie is one of those people.

    I am taking my kids back for a birthday weekend extravaganza... we are so excited!

  4. It was a pretty great place, run by fabulously great people... So exciting that there are people who listen and just get it.

  5. Wow. That is just heartwarmingly wonderful! So happy for you and the Batsman xxx

  6. I just teared up at how thoughtful that is! What a genuinely lovely thing for her to do. Love it. You guys will have such a great time when you go back.

  7. I just teared up too! What a wonderful woman to hear you so clearly and care. Hope you have a lovely time on your return visit.

  8. What a beautifully written post. I too was inspired by Sophie. I think she could have a career as a stand up comic too! : )

  9. Gracious. The thoughtful care continues. The real deal. Absolutely true, that. What a heartwarming woman! xxxx Am SO going back there. And again.

  10. Wow! That is wonderful, thoughtful & amazing in it'a uniqueness. Snaps to Sophie & her crew. So glad you all had a great time but this here is brilliant in every way. X

  11. Being real in business is so important. Sounds like the owners of this park are the real deal and very understanding. So glad you'll get to go back again and share it with your family.

  12. Hi... me again :) I've nominated you for a Blog Award... you've been such an inspiration to me in starting my blog and with me through thick and thin and want to thank you for all your love and support in this little way...
    Love to you always xoxo

  13. Yes, everyone likes to read about the real deal.


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