August 17, 2012

Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cake, a fruit rainbow and other bits and pieces

As I mentioned, the Bowler turned three this week. 

The Birthday Boy - a little bemused by all the fuss

I love planning for children's birthday parties.
Here is the Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cake and a few other bits and pieces which helped us to celebrate on the day.

The cake

More cake

Cake - aerial shot :)

Chocolate nougat cheesecake - I heart you Thermomix

Chocolate and ginger muffins; lemon and sugar muffins

The fruit rainbow

Lolly cups


My favourite - marshmallow pops

Happy birthday beautiful boy.


  1. Out. Of. This. World. Remind me to book you to cater for Angus' 3rd birthday ;) I am not going to show him these photos, because he just might wet his pants with excitement! xo

  2. Fabulous party ideas and photos Suz. You have a creative talent.

  3. What an amazing party.
    It looks like something in a mag that I am super impressed by but far too intimidated to try.

  4. Wow, that's the cake, it looked like the present! HOW does one get invited to one of your do's? because that looked fabulous! Well done supermum!!

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